Using the most advanced heating e-textiles today, the heated apparel industry has introduced an effective heating solution to staying warm on-the-go during the coldest, windiest and gloomiest of days. One could even argue that heated apparel is the best thermal wear for winter due to the advanced heating capabilities. But exactly how does it work?



An e-textile known as conductive thread carries an electrical current the same way electrical wires can, but without the bulk. Given the forgiving nature of the conductive thread, flexible circuits are sewn together without compromising the look, feel or comfort of the apparel. Within any of our cold weather gear is a system of conductive thread wiring is secured into the heating zones of the item, which is then carefully sewn into the garment. For instance, our heated vests have three heating zones, which means there is three sections of the vest containing special conductive threading. Plus, with it’s thin and light feel, conductive thread is a great heating technology choice for heated gloves, socks and even heated base layers.

From here, the conductive thread is tied into a lightweight yet powerful battery. The battery is also connected to a power button located on the item, like on the upper left chest on our heated vests and jackets. For easy access to heat on the go, we’ve included a wireless heating remote for all of our heated socks. The battery powering your heated apparel fits comfortably inside its own battery pocket for your comfort and convenience.

To activate the heating elements of your apparel, simply press the control button to your desired warmth level and wait. Your battery pack will signal the conductive threading to send electrical currents throughout the item, reaching the temperature you’ve requested in roughly 30 seconds or less.


At Vesta Flex
™, we like to do things a little differently, but always for the better. By designing the best thermal wear for winter with conductive threading, we’ve created a safer and more energy-efficient method of supplying heat than the carbon fiber technology being used by many other heated apparel companies. In fact, a recent comparison of today’s industry leading heated vests showed that Vesta Flex heated apparel was not only delivered heat the quickest, but also provided the longest and safest running battery life.

Do more of what you love in any weather with industry leading heated apparel from Vesta Flex
™ and harness the heat of the desert when and where you need it most.


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